Geography Lecture Series

The following is the free lecture series on Geography by Saurabh Kumar Pandey Sir. The series is useful for various engineering exams that require General Studies. It has been crafted with the aim of free preparation for all. Although the lecture series has all the syllabus covered, you can stay updated by taking paid subscription.

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  1. Physical Geography of India – I
  2. Physical Geography of India – II
  3. Physical Geography of India – III
  4. Modern India Part IX
  5. Geography – Part V
  6. Drainage System of India (Indian Geography)
  7. Drainage system (Lakes, Peninsular Rivers)
  8. Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear Projects in India
  9. Straits, Bay, and Gulf
  10. Resources (Crops and Minerals)
  11. Ports and Harbour
  12. Africa part I
  13. Africa Part II
  14. Asia Continent Part I
  15. Asia Continent Part II
  16. Census data

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